Here we introduce you to the most popular online casino virtual slot machines. Gambling – a detailed analysis of the rules of online casinos.

Crazy Poker is a five-reel slot machine with nine main and five bonus pay lines and a progressively growing jackpot, developed on the basis of poker, which cannot but remind connoisseurs of the history of slot machines about the very first slot machine created in 1891 by the inhabitants of Brooklyn Sittman and Pete based on poker – the most popular gambling card game in the USA. A lot has changed since then (however, this does not apply to the American addiction to poker), and virtual slot machines – such as the wonderful Crazy Poker – are infinitely far from that man-made masterpiece of glorious Brooklyn players.
Love poker and slot machines – then Crazy Poker is for you. But playing poker online is, of course, only in the best poker rooms.

Treasure Island is a five-reel slot machine with nine paylines, special Scatter and Wild symbols and an exciting bonus game. Rates from 1 to 100 $ per line!
44 prize combinations!

WildZero is an original slot machine created based on roulette. Interested in online roulette? Read about online roulette tournaments. And there are five reels in the WildZero slot, one payline, 11 winning combinations, and in addition there is a jackpot and a personal gaming bonus! “Zero” in a number of combinations plays the role of a “wild” symbol and complements the combination to a winning one. Payment of the accumulated bonus Lucky7even is made automatically upon the loss of three or more sevens. Of particular note is the presence of a game honesty control system based on the MD5 cryptographic algorithm: for a slot machine, this is a rather rare chip,

Russian Troika is a Russian-themed slot machine: a balalaika and a nesting doll, a Russian stove and accordion, a samovar and a Dymkovo horse – a “gentleman’s set” of images, successfully complemented by a satellite that has entered history and many languages ​​of the world, as well as wondrous ballerinas. The undoubted decoration of the slot is a wonderful bear in the role of the Scatter symbol. Falling out on the drums in the proper amounts (from three and above) warmly greets the lucky player. This is really a must see!

Safe Cracker Slot (Safe Cracker) is a three-reel slot machine with the ability to hold reels (“hold”) and a progressive jackpot “Cracker”. The Safe Cracker Slot prize table contains 15 prize combinations. Of particular importance in this game is the “Key” symbol, which allows players to open the safe and receive all the money accumulated in it into their game account. In order to open the safe, the player must collect three keys in three keyholes located above the game reels.

Hyper Bucks Slot is a three-reel slot machine with five paylines and a wild card [$]. The HyperBucks Slot prize table contains nine different character combinations. The Joker replaces any other symbol so that the prize combination received on each of the playing paylines is winning and the winnings are maximum. When three jokers drop out on 1 line, payment is made in the amount of 1000: 1, and when they drop characters on the 5 line, payment is made from a ratio of 6000: 1.

FruitMaxMix Slot (“Big Fruit Mix”) is a three-drum slot machine with five pay lines, a system of personal gaming bonuses and a game honesty control using the MD5 algorithm.The FruitMaxMix prize table provides payouts on seven different reel symbols. In addition, there is a second bonus table “Bonus Table” – the combinations of symbols indicated in it replenish personal bonuses – “fruit cocktails”.