Regardless of whether you play live games or on the Internet, you have a good chance to profit from slot machines. However, over time, some myths and superstitions regarding gambling have clouded the atmosphere of fun, entertainment and thrills. Learn to distinguish facts from myths.

Myth 1 – the player after me just hit the jackpot. If I played more, I could win.There is no way to determine the winning sequence when you are playing the slot machines. In all real casinos, microchips with a random number generator (RNG) are built into the slot machines; similar software is also used in online casinos. RNG is constantly changing randomly and there is no way to find out the results.

Myth 2 – I’d rather play on a slot where no one has yet shot, so I will get a jackpot.Your winnings depend on the random number generator and what it shows at the given second. In addition, the results are not interconnected and are separate events. There are no instructions, tricks, or tricks to hit the jackpot. No one can guarantee a jackpot, so play online slots for fun.

Myth 3 – you cannot win in those slots where you recently hit the jackpot.The jackpot depends on your luck, and the random number generator turns on when you pull the lever. Some slot machines in a casino can give two or three jackpots in a row or none for a long time. Play the slots a little longer and you will get a chance to win, provided that Madam Luck smiles at you.

Myth 4 – my chances of winning with a real slot machine are higher than in an online casino.The chances of winning in online casinos or in real casinos are no different. The result will remain the same – whether you pull the lever or press buttons in an online casino. This is all a matter of chance, good luck, call it what you want. The odds are always 50 to 50.

Myth 5 – in a casino, slot machines have lower payouts. Play video slots at RedBet online casino, where you will receive the best payouts. Payouts at online casinos may be slightly lower than video blackjack. Imagine there is no strategy for video blackjack, and you will be in debt after a while. Play slots as often as possible, so you increase the chances of success, because you do not need any skills or strategies, just pure luck.

Myth 6 – a casino can manipulate its slot machines (change programs, etc.)There is no magic switch, and all the slot machines work on the basis of computer chips, where the payout percentage is predefined. To change the percentage of payments, you will need to change the chips, which cannot be done without documentation. In addition, profit lovers will need to receive special approval from the management of the casino, which is time-consuming and expensive for any casino.

If you are in the winning streak, remember that it is fortune, karma … or whatever you want. Online casinos also do not change anything in their favor. Continue to play with great zeal in online slot machines that are pre-programmed to win.