Be An All Around Player

Having a good strategy going into a game of craps is very important if you expect to leave that table when you are done. That table is loud, its crazy, its volitile. Nobody knows the outcome of the rolls and there are so many bets to be made on that table that if you don’t have a strategy going in your going to lose all your money before you know it. Basically there are 3 important things you need to have going into a game of craps that include; a good bankroll management system, a good betting strategy, a very calm attitude while playing Simply stated, bankroll management is just the way you are going to handle your money when you play. Lets start with this and then get into a betting strategy after.

A very commonly used bankroll management strategy would be to set a limit when you lose and when you win. Of course there are a few bankroll managagement strategies but lets start with this one. So again you want to have a limit when you win and when you lose. This is very important because many people will come in with a certain amount of money, have a bad start and keep trying to win by betting extra money that they set aside for other games. On the other side of this, if you have a good start and win up to the point you wanted to but decide that your so “hot” that you want to keep playing, and you lose more then you started with. Thats why you want to have a set limit for your winnings and for your initial betting. Lets use an example using $500.00. Lets say you lose all of that money.

Remember that you set that limit of $500.00 to begin with so if you lose it all then just walk away, don’t try and win it back at that time and don’t set another limit because that how you will lose more money. The odds of the game will not change because you have been losing all this time. Now if you start to win money that’s a very good thing. Lets say you have won $300-$500.00, that’s great for you because you have won your starting limit back. A very common practice is to take your winnings and playing with ONLY them. This way you still have the money from your pocket remain in your pocket. Now you can take this money and do with it what you wish because its all extra money that you earned. now how do you get this winning money to begin with. Well with any game there are risks.

Craps allows you to place as many of any type of bets you want. There are many different types of bets that can be made in craps. Some of these bets are really never to be played because they are so improbable that they will never win. What many people including myself will recommend is to just play the passline bet on the come-out roll and and then play the come bet after the point is established. This strategy offers the best odds for winning and will offer the safest return. You will not win tons of money if you win but you also will not lose a massive amount of money when you lose. If you want to win more money then this strategy is not for you but then be prepared to lose all of your money because it is a much higher risk.

The final part of this being a well rounded player is to stay calm throughout the game. Never lose your cool when your losing your money. You have to remember that there are certain risks going in and that you might lose your money. That of course is where the excitement comes from. If you want to make multiple bets at one time to try and make more money or use a more complicated strategy then be sure that you can handle the management of each bets. So just make sure that you have a limit for the game and when you lose it all just leave. If you win keep, pocket your initial investment and just play with the profit on the site Slotsmegacasino – Keep your bets simple and keep calm. If you lose you lose and if you win you win it really shouldn’t matter because its all just for fun anyway.