Gambling zone: Azov-City

After toughening the legislation in 2009, two casinos were opened on the border of the Krasnodar Territory with the Rostov Region: Shambhala and Oracle. It turns out that gambling is legal in our country only there.

In 2011, the region’s budget was replenished by 87 million rubles from the activities of these casinos. Every day, Azov City is visited by an average of 200 people. After a year of work, it became obvious that it was corny for people to get to the casino and that huge funds would be required for further development. After that, local authorities suggested that the Russian government postpone the project on the Black Sea coast. Fortunately, the opening of the Golden Sands complex has long been planned near Anapa.

As a result, it was decided to expand the borders of the Azov-City complex towards Anapa. This result was influenced by the international exhibition MIPIM, where investors liked the option with the Black Sea coast more than a dead spot in Taman.

Gambling zone: “Amber”

The future gambling zone stretches on the shores of the Baltic Sea near the village of Povarovka, which is 45 km from Kaliningrad. Under the new project, it is planned to place about 20 hotels with casinos, shopping centers, a water park and a shopping complex. But while all this exists only on paper.

Since 2009, officials have not found investors for the new project. There is no infrastructure on the coast itself. In addition, while officials were swaying, local businessmen quickly bought up nearby land at a low price.

Separately, we can say that there is no road to the future gambling zone. To get there, you need to sit on an SUV and painstakingly crawl through the mud and windfall. A place on the Curonian Spit has long been chosen by fishermen. Next to the future gambling zone there is a military training ground, where exercises and shooting are regularly held, just in the direction of the entertainment center.

Last year, the governor of the Kaliningrad region proposed moving the gambling zone closer to the resort of Svetlogorsk. Most likely, the Russian government will not agree to this.

Gambling zone: “Primorye”

The total area of ​​the Primorye gambling zone, which will be located just south of Muravyina Bay, will be more than 6 million square meters. meters. Now there are only hills and a forest. But by 2022 they promise to build a rich infrastructure, including 16 hotels, a casino, a yacht club, a ski slope, administrative buildings, shopping pavilions and a beach area.

According to the designers, about 56.9 billion rubles will be spent on the project. Officials plan to attract investors who can cover up to 70% of all expenses. At the end of October 2012, work began on the construction of the first casino and hotel.

Gambling zone: “Siberian coin”

The gambling zone “Siberian Coin” will be located on the foothills of Altai near the Turquoise Katun tourist complex. Until 2020, it is planned to build 15 casinos, 10 gambling and entertainment complexes, 30 hotels, administrative buildings, a cinema. The cost of the new project is 28.9 billion rubles. The local government plans to build all facilities, except infrastructure, at the expense of investors. In mid-November 2012, the road to the gaming zone was laid, however, the development of the facilities themselves was delayed.

Regarding the project of gambling zones, the following can be said: for placing objects, unsuccessful places were chosen that are difficult to get to; projects are implemented extremely slowly, firstly because illegal casinos are widespread, and secondly, existing legislation weakly protects the interests of owners and does not provide any guarantees.