Those people who at least once played in a casino, and it doesn’t matter, a casino on the Internet or a real gambling establishment, know what are bonuses. Bonus is a kind of incentive prize for a player from an online casino, which is provided to him for choosing this particular gambling establishment. However, it is provided on any terms. This means that you can’t, for example, receive bonus $ 100 into your account immediately withdraw them and be happy. If it were all that simple, then the casino would simply go broke.

There are bonuses of several types. For example, those that are credited to you when replenishing a deposit for the first time. As a rule, such bonuses are the biggest. Many online casinos offer up to one hundred and even two hundred percent of the down payment for their first deposit. So, if this is the first time you have deposited an amount of one hundred US dollars into your gaming account, then from above, as a bonus, the casino will accrue another one hundred, or even two hundred dollars. Not bad at all. However, do not rush to rejoice. As a rule, a casino requires wagering these bonuses. That is, for example, there are requirements that in order to withdraw this money, you need to make bets for a total of twenty, or even more times, greater than the one that you have in the bonuses. This is called a wager.

In the most general case, we can say that different online casinos offer different bonuses. However, in essence – this is one and the same. Bonus – this is free money, which under certain conditions you can get yourself. The purpose of bonuses is to attract the target audience to the ranks of the players in this casino, which offers these bonuses. Of course, the player will go to that casino, or register in the online casino that offers bonuses, rather than the one in which they are no bonuses at all. After all, this is just an additional chance to become a little richer. If you want to find the best online casinos that offer good bonuses, then check out the top 10 online casinos.

Today, in conditions of intense competition, to increase the popularity of gambling and their gambling establishment, casino owners have come up with a huge variety of bonuses, ranging from a simple incentive bonus for the first deposit to an advanced referral system in online casinos.

Bonuses and wager

In the gaming industry, two concepts are widely used: bonus and wager. Let’s try to deal with both. Bonus – is additional funds that are credited to you on your deposit, only because you replenished the balance and simply because you chose this particular casino. So the casino pays you for being their client.

It should be noted that only a player who is registered on the site of this casino can receive a bonus. All information about bonuses and their types can be viewed on the same site, as a rule, there is always a tab with data on all bonuses provided and the conditions for their provision.

The second concept is wager. A wager is the amount of bets that a player needs to make in order to get bonus money, i.e. win back the bonus. For example, if you received a bonus of one hundred percent of the initial deposit of one hundred American dollars, then you will have two hundred American dollars in your account, so one hundred and one bonus. In order to withdraw this money, you need to wager these money. As a rule, its size depends on the size of the deposit made. Let it be 20. That is, that in order for you to be able to withdraw bonus money, you will have to place bets on their total amount, which exceeds the amount in your account by twenty times.

It’s easy to calculate: they contributed a hundred dollars, plus the same amount received bonuses. On the account was two hundred dollars. The wager is 20, so we need to place bets in the amount of four thousand dollars.