If you like betting on Greyhound races, you can try your luck at one of the many online casino slots that offer dog racing betting. The game features six simulated greyhounds that you can wager on before the race. You can also watch computer-generated races while you play. You can even win big if you bet correctly.

Greyhound racing

Greyhound racing is a popular sport, and a lot of people enjoy betting on these races. They can be found at dozens of race tracks all around Australia. During a race, greyhounds chase a lure, usually an artificial hare or rabbit. The dogs usually start training at eight weeks old, and their sporting career lasts for five or six years. It is possible to place a bet on your favorite greyhound by playing a game of pari-mutuel betting online.

Once you have a strategy in place, you can begin betting. When betting on greyhounds, make sure to find a site that offers good odds and free bets. Also, make sure that the site is registered in an area where greyhound betting is legal.

Exacta bets

When it comes to betting on dog racing, there are several types of wagers to choose from. You can place a wager on an exacta, trifecta, or win bet. The exacta bet involves choosing two different dogs in the exact order that they finish the race. If you win on an exacta bet, you’ll win a $2 payout. However, you can also place a bet on a trifecta for a $4 payout.

Box bets are similar to exactas, trifectas, and superfectas, but don’t require exact order of finishing. You can bet on the first, second, and third place finishers and have the money carry over to the next race.


The recent legalization of dog racing betting in the state of New Jersey could prove to be a big boon to the sport. If approved, it would make dog racing the largest form of gambling in the state. The horse-racing lobby has fought to keep dog tracks out of New England states, but the dog track industry has caused more harm to horse racing than good. Greyhound racing is fast approaching the blackjack tables.

Legalization of dog racing betting isn’t the only way to reduce the amount of injuries suffered by dogs. The vast majority of dogs injured in races are euthanized or killed unnecessarily by owners and trainers. The IGB has published a redacted report on the industry, which can be found here. Legalization of dog racing betting could help save the lives of greyhounds, as many dogs die as a result of racing-related injuries.


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While Kansas has a limited selection of land-based casinos, there are dozens of options available online. There are ten different types of casinos in the state, including Native American casinos and commercial casinos. Dog racing betting is also available, and Kansas also allows wagering on daily fantasy sports. Online betting will be legal in Kansas in May 2022, and the state has no laws against online casino gambling.