If you want to see a live music event, there’s nothing like visiting River City Casino. This St Louis venue brings stage-shaking live music, adrenaline-pumping prize fights, and lounges you won’t ever want to leave.

Check out the upcoming music events that are happening at River City Casino. You can search by day of the week, month, and by date to find the event that you want to attend.

Great White & Slaughter

If you’re a fan of heavy metal and sludgy rock, then you’ll want to see Great White and Slaughter live. They have been around for more than thirty years and are a true powerhouse in the hard rock arena. They have a number of accolades to their credit, including two Grammys and several hit albums.

The band has a knack for blending the old with the new and is a staple in many live music venues. For example, they regularly play at River City Casino in St. Louis, Missouri and the venue’s sister property, Judy’s Velvet Lounge.

The band has also wowed the masses with their large scale touring endeavors and have garnered an extensive fan base along the way. They have one of the longest active fan lists in the business, with an impressive number of devoted members. Despite this, it’s difficult to keep them all entertained at all times. The best way to make sure you don’t miss your favorite acts is to buy a ticket for the upcoming event in advance.

Aaron Lewis

The former lead singer of Staind, Aaron Lewis has made a name for himself as a country-rock artist. He is known for his country hits such as “Endless Summer,” and he has toured with rock giants like Kid Rock.

He has a unique sound and is one of the top artists in the 2023 music scene. If you want to see him perform live, be sure to buy Aaron Lewis tickets.

A multi-platinum Staind founder, Lewis has forged a unique path between rock and country music. He grew up in Springfield, Vermont listening to his grandparents’ country 8-tracks. Those roots inspired him to return to his origins for the #1 Billboard Country Album debut Town Line and Sinner, as well as Billboard’s #1 Hot Country Song debut “Am I The Only One” – only the 9th time since 1958.

After a successful solo career in country music, Lewis has embarked on his American Patriot Acoustic Tour this week. Find a show near you or purchase your tickets online today!

Matt Fraser

Psychic medium Matt Fraser is on a mission to bring healing and hope to a worldwide audience. He has performed LIVE audience readings to connect attendees with their loved ones in spirit and turned skeptics into believers with mind boggling revelations.

A-list celebrities and TV audiences alike have been captivated by Matt’s unique style of performance. He will make you gasp, laugh and cry as he performs an impressive show that will have you enthralled from start to finish.

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The Killers

The Killers are an epic live band that can fill up any arena with a crowd of people who love rock music. They are known for their soaring choruses and anthemic tunes, and the band’s charismatic frontman Brandon Flowers can get anyone into the mood for a good time.

The band has been around for over 15 years and is currently on tour in support of their latest album, ‘Wonderful, Wonderful.’

They opened their set with “Run for Cover” and “The Man,” both songs from their new album that drew rave reviews from the audience. They also included a few classic tracks from their earlier eras, such as “Smile Like You Mean It” and “Andy, You’re A Star.”

Despite being a little under the weather, Flowers managed to deliver an incredibly energetic performance that left fans in awe. He didn’t take any breaks and kept his energy high throughout the entire show, even when he was sweaty and drenched from the heat.