If you prefer online casinos, you should use https://slots-online-canada.com/review/all-slots-casino/, where you will find reviews about all slots mobile casino and other casinos. Those who are interested in gambling entertainment believe in any myths about casino games. Misconceptions about preparations such as: roulette, blackjack and many others are widespread. Those who come up with these legends have not forgotten about video games, for example, video poker. The misconceptions associated with casino games are discussed below. 

All casino games use random number generators. In a game like video poker the random number generator works like this. The card shuffling machine is in motion endlessly, with virtual cards shuffling around even when the game is not being played. When the player presses the Deal key, 5 cards pop up on the screen, they are the top of the deck, they are issued by the generator. After the player sees the cards, the machine shuffles the remaining cards (if there are no jokers in the deck, there are 47 cards). If the player requires a replacement of cards, the RNG re-distributes a certain number of sheets, and they are taken as well from the top.

This approach to the distribution of cards helps to ensure the most of any variations in the results of draws. It can be said that the random number generator replaces the croupier in the casino. The gambling business has its own legislation, so if you interfere with the generator, it means breaking the law. If the gambling regulator notices that the software manufacturer is breaking the law, it will take away his license. Online gambling has similar cases in its history. The misconceptions about video poker are very similar to the myths about video slots. This is not surprising since both games run on RNG, even their designs are similar. The following article will look at the most famous legends.

“Hot” and “cold” machines

Every player has been in a situation where he either got lucky and every combination was a winning one, or was constantly haunted by failure. This is what creates the legends of video poker. This determination can only be made when the gameplay comes to an end. There is no way to know how the machine will behave. There are more than two million options for how the game will end. A random number generator randomly selects any of them. Any particular sequence in the actions of the machine is not pursued.

Consequently, you should not label video poker machines. After all, by pressing the button a few seconds earlier the results are completely different, so the fate will still change. There is an assumption that if a person has recently tried his luck and won a large sum, then later this machine will not be “hot” for a long time, or on the contrary, the machine, which did not pay out a large sum, will give it out. Yes, any machine pays out money implying that the same amount will come back, but it does not appear immediately at the first game, and for a long time.

“Loaded” video pokers

If luck constantly passes by, then already there can be suspicions that the administrator of the institution carries out some machinations. You can check many things, but then the question arises: Why trust the money to the casino, if you do not have any confidence in it? Gambling operators should by no means interfere with the operation of the machine, and the largest manufacturers know this. Therefore, the owners of video game establishments cannot interfere with the operation of the machine. If there is no belief in this, it is worth giving up the game and save your nerves.

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