Most recently, in May 2018, an important event took place in the United States: the Supreme Court repealed the PASPA law, which prohibited betting on sports events on the Internet. As a result, many foreign online gambling providers have stepped up their attempts to enter the US market.

Pioneer – Net Entertainment Provider

In New Jersey, where online gambling is allowed, Net Entertainment has finally been able to obtain a license from Sweden. It was issued by the local player rights department. Previously, the provider provided residents of the state with a temporary service, but after receiving a license from Casino Service Industry Enterprise, it can work without time limits. It is worth noting that the application has been considered for more than 3 years. The Swedes are not going to stop there and are already preparing to enter the Pennsylvania market.

The procedure for obtaining licenses in the United States of America is very complicated, and therefore other providers will face a difficult struggle for American customers. After receiving a license in Pennsylvania, Net Entertainment plans to switch to all other states where online gambling is allowed.

Evolution Gaming is trying to keep up

Things at Evolution Gaming are going uphill. Her income for 2018 increased by more than 37%. The value of the provider’s shares increased by about the same value. Today, Evolution Gaming is a leader in online gambling software.

The company’s most ambitious goal is to enter the US market. Since 2013, Evolution Gaming has been trying to get on it, but has not yet overcome all the bureaucratic obstacles. Nevertheless, contracts are concluded on the American continent, in particular, in Canada. In the near future, the company will open a real casino in the States, to which US laws are much more loyal than to online institutions.

Different US states have different casino laws. They are legal in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. Gambling establishments are illegal in Utah and Hawaii. In other states, laws are ambiguous, and casinos are often forced to tricks, for example, to be placed on ships that must go offshore a certain distance. In some cases, only certain types of gambling are acceptable.

The key here is what role luck plays in the outcome of the game, and what role players play. The smaller the influence of chance, the more tolerant the law is for such a game, which is why poker is most common in the United States. This means that Evolution Gaming will be easier to obtain a license than Net Entertainment.

In general, two trends can be noted in the USA. Firstly, in the northern states the law is more loyal to gambling than in the southern states. Secondly, the attitude to real casino is less strict than to online casino.

What are the trends in American gambling law?

Over 70% of United States citizens believe their country should have open access to gambling. It is hoped that the legislatures of most states will pay attention to the wishes of voters and weaken laws in this area.

In the United States, there is very strict control over financial flows through online casinos. This is largely an echo of the events of 2011, when the four largest American poker rooms were accused of money laundering and money laundering. Therefore, providers entering the US market are faced with total checks by American auditors.

What is criticism of casinos in the USA based on?

A number of American experts indicate that in states where gambling is allowed, statistics record a higher crime rate. In those areas located near the casino, crimes happen 80% more often than in the average areas.