In gambling, as in any other business, you should follow simple rules in order to succeed and get decent results. In this article, we have collected several of these tips, tentatively called “10 Commandments”, which will help a novice player to get used to the world of gambling.

1.You must not cheat

No explanation required.

2.You must pay gambling debts

A true gentleman always pays the bills, especially when it comes to gambling debts. When betting with another person, you put your honor at stake. If you lose, then pay. No excuses!

3.Be prepared to lose

The Las Vegas Strip was not built by the winners. Even with good rules and strategies, the advantage remains on the side of the casino. So don’t be angry if you lose. This is the price you pay for entertainment.

4.Rely on odds, not guesses

If you want to increase your chances of winning, then use mathematically proven strategies, not guesswork. If the power of intuition is so great, then why do so many psychics work in Atlantic City and not play?

5.Decide on the amount of bankroll

Before you start playing, decide how much you can afford to safely lose – like money for entertainment. Keep your limit and don’t play for the money you need to live.

6.Do not believe in betting systems

At every corner, charlatans are trying to sell you a 100% guaranteed betting system, as the best way to beat a casino. Of course, such advertising sounds attractive, but in reality there are no such systems.

7.You must not hedge bets

Hedging bets, as a rule, is associated with a great advantage of the casino. For example, you should not hedge in blackjack and bet on any in craps (or on any 7). An exception is to make for life insurance for example.

8.You must look for better rules.

The rules of the game vary from casino to casino. To improve your chances, study all available rules, and then pick the best one.

9.You must not place additional bets

Extra bets mean loose play.

10.You must have impeccable etiquette

Gambling brings much more pleasure when people are polite to each other. In addition, etiquette implies tips for good service.

By adhering to these rational tips, you can significantly influence your results and move forward. Remember that neglect of the above rules can lead to sad results.