Blackjack with one deck of cards

Wow! In many casinos, blackjack returned with one deck of cards. They even advertise it on their signs. You will see unprecedented excitement in this game, because it offers players the best chances.

And here is the rest of the story. Unfortunately, most of these games with one deck have a slight change in the rules – they pay 6 to 5 in blackjack. It’s okay, you say. What about increasing the casino advantage by 8 times? This is quite tangible.

How can this be? Usually casinos pay 3 to 2 or 7.5 to 5 in blackjack. This means that if you bet $ 5 and get blackjack, you will be paid $ 7.50 (which assumes that the dealer does not have blackjack). However, in games with 6 to 5 payouts for your bet, you will receive only $ 6, that is, one and a half bucks less.

In addition, you will not receive blackjack about once from every 21 hands or 4 times per hour on average. This adds approximately 1.4% to the casino advantage and makes this game less profitable for the player than a standard game or a multi-deck game. This is what casinos are silent about.

Electronic roulette scoreboard

You probably saw the electronic scoreboard on the roulette tables. This device automatically records the last 20 winning numbers in roulette so that everyone can see them. It seems that the casino is doing you a disservice to help tilt these numbers.

But you know what? This device has as many chances to help you win as any crystal ball has. The ball in roulette has no memory, and he does not care what numbers fell out in roulette. Profit from the electronic scoreboard is received only by the manufacturer and the casino itself, and for you it is completely useless. Now you know one more fact that casinos are silent about.

99% payback slot

Typically, ads that offer this payback can be found stretching in the casino. But the casino does not tell you (it is written in small print) that the slots return “UP TO 99%”. The little prefix “DO” does not say anything about how these machines are actually programmed and how much they will return to you. The point of the situation is that you don’t know at all whether the machines are programmed for any payout. So good luck! 🙂

Betting systems

Frequent casino visitors are proud to have their own betting system. In fact, if you are willing to bet that you can win a large amount using your betting system, just call a good casino. They will race to take you in a limousine, place them in a first-class suite (of course, “all inclusive”) and go to dinner while you play on your system in their casino.

Do you think casino bosses are worried that these boobs (oh, I meant the players) could bring their bank down? Very unlikely. Casinos are based on mathematics, not luck, so they have an advantage in mathematics on their side and cannot lose in the long run. Betting systems were invented hundreds of years ago. They did not work then and do not work today. Nevertheless, the casinos are in no hurry to tell the players about it. Now you know why.